My sisters keeper 

Here’s another opportunity to capture a field experience on October 20th. Free snacks!  


One thought on “My sisters keeper 

  1. I was asked to sit in on My Sister’s Keeper on tomorrow. First I wanted to know what it was all about. So I did a little research. First it is presented by BWHI, which stands for Black Women’s Health Imperative, and (MSK) My Sister’s Keeper is an advocacy and leadership-building for women on Historically Black College and University campuses. It’s goal is to keep Black women on track from sexual violence, unintended pregnancy, and risky sexual behavior. They believe their is strength in unity. I had never heard of this group, but what a spectacular idea. Some women really think they know it all, and it couldn’t happen to them, it can. I want to compare this with the project that is going on in the Department of Criminal Justice. And no way, I am saying they are better, but they are helping our your people dealing with sex and the consequences of it. At present, they are reaching out to the Freshman on campus. They have placed condoms in the restrooms, and they have workshops, discussions, and group meetings on sex and the use of condoms. The project is not to give permission for sex, but how to be safe, and if possible, say no, and how to say so with the voice of that means no. I have learned a few things at my age being involved with the project. You are never too old to learn or too young. Both projects works with peers and health groups. Young men and women should be more aware of problems of unwanted pregnancy, transmitted disease, and sexual violence. In the past, this topic was taboo among campuses, and families. Education is the key to success. My Sister’s Keeper project is a way to encourage young individuals of their worth, their image of themselves, and what life can be.


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